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The Ultra Harness is the harness for everyday active dogs. It is comfortable for your dog and easy to fit. The harness is built to last with strong and lightweight materials, notably an innovative breathable fabric that ventilates extremely well. The harness has easily adjustable straps around the neck and chest for a universal fit. The ultra harness features three attachment points for your leash: one on the dog's back for everyday walks or casual running, one at the dogs chest for gentle anti pull control and one under the dog's rib cage for tracking and scent training with a long line.

Key features:

· Four points of adjustment for a universal fit.

· Highly breathable materials.

· Handle on the back for better control.

· 3M reflectivity for high visibility in the dark.

Try our matching Rock Collar for a complete set.

Technical specifications

· Hypalon enforcement

· Breathable foam

· Mesh

· Nylon webbing

· Bronze D-Ring ring

· 3M reflectives


Our Price: $100.00
Combined Harness Combined Harness

The combined harness was developed from the Freemotion harness. It is our formula-1 harness for any serious athlete regardless of your sport – it's suitable for skiing, running, biking or pulks. Built-in reinforcement around the neck ensures the stable distribution of the load over a larger area

“Some dogs have an irregular chest bone anatomy, which makes it difficult to choose the right harness for them. The Combined Harness distributes the load more evenly than any other harness and thus fits those special dogs.

The Harness comes with special straps to attach a pulk, a special type of Scandinavian sledge. The straps are easy to disconnect from the harness with just two plastic buckles.

Size Chart in photos.

Our Price: $130.00