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Strong Leash Strong Leash

The Strong Leash provides a good grip for improved control of your dog. The leash is black with reflective strip and is made with soft material that is comfortable for your hand.

Available in three different lengths – 1 m, 2 m and 3 m.

Our Price: $35.00
Rock Leash Rock Leash

We were looking for a real all-rounder, so we developed the Rock Leash. This Leash is just as suitable for adventures in the mountains as it is for everyday use in the city. The Rock Leash combines high-tech materials with a simple Nordic design and is extremely durable. The robust aluminum carabiner makes hooking very easy, especially in cold or muddy conditions. For extra safety, we have implemented a reflective stripe starting from the 2019 version.

The Rock Leash comes in three different sizes and various colours to suit any dog breed.

Dark grey/black reflection, orange/black reflection, blue/black reflection, purple/black reflection (2019 version)

The leash can hold 300 kg.

The ultra-light carabiner is fixed on a swivel so that the leash does not twist.

3M reflective materials improve your dog’s visibility in the dark.

Our Price: $40.00
Touring Bungee Leash Touring Bungee Leash

Non-stop dog wear Touring bungee is developed for hiking. The Touring bungee also works well for running, skiing and biking if the dog pulls moderately. The elastic part is mounted to avoid too much movement in the bungee. The rest of the bungee is static to give you extra control of the dog. The Touring bungee has an integrated reflective stripe. The Touring bungee comes in two widths. The 13mm comes with a lighter screw-lock carabiner, while the 23mm comes with a twist lock carabiner.

Touring Bungee can be attached to the Touring Double if you want to bring two dogs.
Technical Specifications
  • Twistlock carabiner (23 mm)

  • Screw-lock carabiner (13 mm)

  • Durable polyester webbing

  • Elastic part

  • 3M reflective

Dimension 1
Length, neutral (including carabiner)

Our Price: $45.00
Move Leash Move Leash

Non-stop dog wear Move leash is a soft, comfortable, and strong dog leash developed for an active lifestyle. The leash is equipped with a Twist-lock carabiner to keep your dog secure. The carabiner has an automatic lock that prevents the lead from accidentaly coming off.

This leash is lightweight and comfortable to hold thanks to the Neoprene padded handle. There is an additional loop next to the handle where you can attach a dog waste bag dispenser or other light items.

3M™ reflective material on both sides of the leash makes you and your dog visible in the dark.
Technical Specifications
  • Nylon
  • Twist-lock carabiner
  • Neoprene
  • 3M™ reflective stripes
  • Colours: Black, blue, purple, orange, green
Dimension 1
Dimension 2

Our Price: $50.00
Bungee Leash Bungee Leash

Bungee Leash was originally developed for professional race use in skijoring and canicross, but it is an excellent equipment for any active dog owner. Bungee Leash reduces strain on both you and your dog. It is the first choice for many athletes within canicross, skijoring, and bikejoring all around the World. The core is made of high quality rubber, protected by a durable polyester layer. Bungee Leash comes with Non-stop Dogwears Twistlock carabiner, which is the safest option available. The carabiner locks itself and ensures that your dog does not get loose. The carabiner rotates on a swivel, so the leash does not spin up. Bungee Leash is available in two lengths. The two-meter leash gives good control over your dog and is ideal for hikes and running. For activities such as skijoring and bicycling, the 2.8 meter keeps your dog at a safe distance from the skis or bike.

2 mcanicross, trekking, lead for active dogs.
2.8 mskijøring, bikejøring, scooter, longer lead for active dogs.

Our Price: $50.00
Touring Bungee Adjustable Touring Bungee Adjustable

Multifunctional leash with smart solutions that make the everyday life easier and can fit most needs, regardless whether it is a city walk or a hiking trip in the mountains.
This dog leash has been designed to handle the different situations you encounter throughout the day.
Touring Bungee Adjustable consists of three elements. A static handle that sits directly next to the carabiner, and gives total control in traffic or when encountering others. A short bungee that softens your dog's movements and provides comfort for you both without sacrificing contact. An adjustable aluminum buckle at the leash end which makes it easy to fit around your waist for hands-free walking, or your hand by tightening the loop. With the same function you can tie your dog anywhere from a lamp post to a tree . The leash comes with quality details such as 3M reflective materials, neoprene in the handle, and a Twistlock carabiner, which prevents the dog from getting loose.

Our Price: $80.00
Bungee Leash Double Bungee Leash Double

The new and upgraded Bungee Leash Double features a super lightweight aluminium carabiner for fast and easy handling and improved stitching for a maximum lifespan. It is originally designed and engineered for Canicross, Bike/Scooter/Skijöring and Trekking, but it will also work well while walking your dogs in the city. This leash is ready for anything! The Bungee Leash is made of an elastic core material with a sturdy outer layer so it will absorb abrupt pulls from your dogs while being sturdy enough to handle rough and sharp terrain. The elastic leash and hand hold also improves the comfort while training and playing for both you and your dog.

Our Price: $90.00